About your stay

Our team are excited about your upcoming arrival in this stunning region. Please find information regarding your stay, ensuring you have an easy and smooth arrival at your luxury property.

Your Arrival

Check In Times

Arrival time: 3pm
If you are wanting information on options for an earlier arrival time please see the Arriving Early section.

Departure time 11am
To give you that little bit longer to enjoy your luxury property, we have provided a later check out time of 11am.

Arriving early

We would love our guests to be able to arrive a bit earlier, however this can be difficult at times with our team doing their best in preparing for your arrival. You can request an early check in, up to 48 hours prior to your arrival and we will try to accommodate your request. We will only know on the day if it is possible and will contact you to let you know.

Our team will also contact you any time that a house is ready earlier to give you the option of getting settled and enjoying the property as soon as possible.

With so much to see and do on the way here, you may find a 3pm check in is perfect.

Why not keep your swimming gear handy for a dip in the many stunning stretches of beaches, or pop into a winery for a tasting & lunch on the way.

Driving from Hobart

It is a stunning 2.5 hour drive from Hobart to Coles Bay. You may wish to stop at any of the beaches for a stroll and a swim or stop for lunch at one of the wineries.

Sorell has larger supermarkets for supplies.

Orford is a lovely spot to stop, also the “Spikey Bridge” is interesting being convict built. Kate’s Berry Farm near Swansea has ice creams and chocolates.

Driving from Launceston

It is a leisurely 2.5 hour drive through lovely countryside from Launceston to Coles Bay. Campbell Town is a great coffee and lunch stop around half way to Coles Bay, where there is also a medium size supermarket to get supplies.

Access & entry code

For your convenience an access code is automatically generated and sent to you around 10 minutes prior to the check time. This is sent via SMS to the mobile number you have provided to our reservation team, in your booking details.

Please advise our team if an area code is required, e.g possessing an international phone number or any changes to the mobile number that you would prefer as your contact.

Our team are available 24 hours, 7 days a week for you to contact if you require any assistance on 03 6130 6000.

The Area

Freycinet National Park

If you are planning on visiting any of the sights within the Freycinet National Park you will require a park pass. You can obtain passes directly from the information center located just within the Freycinet National Park or online: parks.tas.gov.au/freycinet

Convenience Stores

It is best to stop at a major supermarket in Launceston, Hobart or Sorell to stock up on supplies. We do have small convenience stores and a bottle shop in Coles Bay, however at certain times of year there opening hours are not as long and they may not have certain brands of items.

During Your Stay


We can provide a tailored hamper waiting for your arrival. Why not relax the moment you arrive and have a cheese platter waiting, or a breakfast hamper or gourmet BBQ hamper. See available Hampers

Celebration Cakes

If you have a special occasion, you can organize a celebration cake that can secretly be waiting for your loved one, for your arrival. Talk to our team and we can help organise something special for you. More Information about Celebration Cakes

Wine Delivered

“Cellar Door to Your Door” is a unique service where you can order a variety of local wines and either have them waiting for you upon your arrival or order while staying in your luxury house, with 24 hour notice.

Wine available to order

Restaurants & Tours

Our team are happy to assist you in planning your stay, it is best to book restaurants and tours in advance in the summer months, to avoid disappointment. Our team can make suggestions and place reservations for you.

Once you have reserved your luxury property, we will send you a document on all tours and activities, where you can advise our team of your preferences.

Please note we will need authorisation from the credit card holder to book on your behalf.

Travelling with Children

Things to see + do

There are great places to explore and have adventures here in Coles Bay, with so many animals to see, beaches to explore and an abundance of nature to run around in.

Freycinet Paintball, Nature World and Penguin Tours are just to name a few, our team can assist in making suggestions for family activities.

*Every Freycinet Luxury Hosts property that welcomes infants provides a highchair & cot, for your baby.

What to Pack

What to bring

We do joke and advise guests visiting Tasmania to bring everything……..beanie, scarf and bathers. We have all weather from one day to the next.

Hats & Sunscreen – The Tasmanian sun can be quite intense.

Hiking Boots or Sports Shoes – Depending on how much you want to explore, comfortable and appropriate footwear will ensure happy feet and safety is maintained.

Swimming Gear – There are many pristine and beautiful beaches, you do not want to miss out on enjoying them.

Camera – iPhone’s are great, but if you really want to capture the scenery, the magical sunrises and sunsets, flora and fauna and rock formations, a good camera is a bonus.

Provisions – It is best to stop at a major supermarket in Launceston, Hobart or Sorell to stock up on supplies. We do have small convenience stores and a bottle shop in Coles Bay, however at certain times of year the opening hours can be limited and they may not have certain brands of items.

Complimentary Items

Each property is quite generous in providing an array of complimentary items, feel free to ask our team what is included.


Departure time Departure time is 11am to give you that little bit longer to enjoy your luxury property, we have provided a later check out time of 11am.
Jaymie South – Customer Experience & Concierge Services

Jaymie South

Customer Experience & Concierge Services

Jaymie is from the NW coast of Western Australia, an equally beautiful town of Kalbarri.

She oversees Customer Experience and Guest Services for Freycinet Luxury Hosts.

She enjoys working closely with guests and personalising their holiday, to create amazing core memories.  She loves being part of beautiful experiences that create unforgettable memories for our guests.

Jaymie loves working and living in beautiful Coles Bay and the Freycinet region.  Swimming in the ocean connecting with nature, hiking, camping, and spending time with friends is when she is her happiest.

Diana Lugo – Assistant Operations Manager

Diana Lugo

Assistant Operations Manager

Diana is a hard-working team member, she started working for this lovely family Freycinet Holiday Houses in late 2020. Exploring the ocean, under the water is her new passion which she found here in this amazing place Coles Bay, diving all around Australia is one of her goals.

She is a dedicated daughter, who values family connects and reminds us of the importance of the work and family balance and a big fan of learning about animals makes her days more joyful.

Our team can always count on her whenever we need support and encouraging words to cheer us up, keeping a positive vibe in our workplace.


Marcela Gomez

Office Manager

Marcela has the biggest heart in our team, always caring for everyone especially for our beloved guests. She leads our People & Culture department, connecting our team and creating incredible projects to improve the wellbeing and work environment for all of our staff.

Swimming in the ocean connects her with nature. Hiking, camping, and reading a good book always makes her happy. She loves to share quality time with her husband and family, meditating is her favourite thing to do.

For her, Coles Bay beaches are the best places to visit while enjoying the amazing weather. Sharing experiences with the locals is the highlight of her day.


Juan Garcia

Portfolio Manager

Juan Pablo has extensive experience in logistics and is our Portfolio Manager. His eye for detail is vivid proof of the high quality of the day-to-day operations. His history of travelling around the world makes him a very interesting person. A big fan of outdoor activities like hiking, surfing and doing exercise connects him with nature. Dedicated husband and son who enjoys seeing people achieving their dreams.

The outstanding mountain view from the different locations in Coles Bay is what he loves the most about this area. He has never seen such diverse flora and fauna in the same place and the community sense makes him feel at home.

Hector Yarce – Operations Manager

Hector Yarce

Operations Manager

Hector has been working with us since 2017, the first Colombian in the region.  He started doing maintenance and cleaning as a subcontractor, being part of our evolution through the years and provided us with his professionalism.

He will always have a joke for the right moment making our days happy. He is a big fan of learning about technology. His dog Ginger is everything to him and exploring new places with his family is one of his favourite things to do. The surrounding ocean views are what he loves the most about Coles Bay.

His experience as the Operation’s Manager, drives our daily operations to success and his support to our cleaning team ensures the result of happy stays for our guests.

Brad Bowden – Product Development Manager

Brad Bowden

Product Development Manager

Brad loves everything luxury…… Especially the gourmet side!

Being a hospitality professional his whole life, working in wineries, restaurants and tourism, sharing the finer things in life has been his lifelong passion.

Having dreamt up the concept of the “luxury host”, he has since curated and worked with our team to deliver an excellent experience for guests to indulge.

Originally from Kangaroo Island in SA, Freycinet is a home away from home and taking his daughter Willow to Honeymoon Bay and exploring the National Park are precious moments.

Besides spending time playing guitar and in nature, Brad loves nothing more than a long lunch with his wife, daughter and friends, in a world class environment like Freycinet.”

Verina Bowden – Founder & Director

Verina Bowden

Founder & Director

Having always worked in hospitality, Verina has a love of people and experiences. Positivity and connection is the foundation of her career and is enhanced in her projects and business.

Originally from Margaret River, where a balance of good food and wine, nature and beaches……. is the every day.

Coming to Tasmania in 2010 Verina felt completely at home in such a stunning environment and dreamt of ways to share this experience with others. Like many of us find, juggling a career and family, is always a balancing act.

Bringing over 30 years’ experience in accommodation, developing Freycinet Holiday Houses & Freycinet Luxury Hosts, Verina has mindfully created an inclusive and empowering environment for team members, who together ensure quality in all aspects is always the main goal. The focus, is that guests have a wonderful and memorable experience in this pristine region.


Monica Orrego

Business General Manager

Monica brings a wealth of experience to our team. She is our process guru, always leading our team to go above and beyond. A resourceful and enthusiastic person, that transfers her more than 20 years’ experience in Corporate Accounting into our industry.

Passionate for animals and her family, setting off into the great outdoors in search of the perfect campsite is one of her favourite things to do. Her unique hairstyle will always set her apart with some vibrant colours.

Monica’s biggest focus is to make our guests happy. For her Coles Bay is the place where dreams come true, a place where the mountains have different colours throughout the day. 

She is an important part of our community, always participating in the events that we have in this beautiful area.